999 Chairs on the Ground, Take One Down, Set it Up, 998 Chairs on the Ground…

We are fortunate enough to be the site to about 40 wedding ceremonies a year.  Since they currently get married near number nine green, we have to take down and set up the chairs for every. single. ceremony.  It’s tedious.

Just for fun, I like to keep track of how many chairs we set up and taken down throughout the year, then I tell my staff at the end of the year!  Guess what!  You took down and set up 4,596 chairs!  Good job!  For some reason, it usually depresses them more than it excites.


Our chairs are stored on a rack that my brother-in-law made for me about 7 years ago.  Ideally, I’d like to make some changes to the chair rack since we have used them for so many years, that I definitely know some improvements that I’d like to make.


Unfortunately, it’s pretty low on my priority list.  We are currently building a new ceremony site and we aren’t sure if we’ll continue to use these chairs or not.  Only time will tell where we end up.  For now, the boys remove the chairs from the rack and set up each and every chair.


Once all the chairs are opened up, we line them all up according to how many chairs are required for the ceremony.  Pinterest has made the horseshoe style of chair arranging quite popular in the last couple of years.  When we set up a horseshoe, we always do one side first before moving on to duplicate the opposite side.


Project complete!  Looking good, there Connor!


This couple did something unusual for their unity ceremony.  They purchased a tree for it!  During the ceremony, they poured water into a watering can, then they watered their tree.  They plan to plant it in their backyard.


The events center was decorated really beautifully with grasses that the bride had grown herself.  They turned out perfectly!


Plus, I was in love with her cake topper that she found on etsy!

IMG_9686My favorite part for this ceremony was the officiant that the couple had selected.  His name is Joe.  He is the most gentle and amazing man.  My favorite part about Joe is how he arrives to the ceremony and rehearsal.  That’s right!  The preacher arrives on his motorcycle.  He always fixes his tousled hair and then performs the ceremony.  Cool as a cucumber.


How about you?  Ever have to set up a bunch of chairs for a party at your house? Do you ride your motorcycle to a wedding?

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