Altoona Chamber’s Wine Tasting

Several years ago, the Altoona Chamber began putting on a wine tasting for the community.  In the last decade, the wine industry in Iowa has experienced tremendous growth.  There are many local wineries popping up all over our state.  Some of that growth is because of the experimentation with wine in recent years.  Iowans are able to produce wine from many resources, not just grapes.  Local wineries use rhubarb, apples, dandelions and even honey.

Altoona Chamber of Commerce had four local wineries at their event.  One of them even had a jalapeno based wine.

It was a lovely evening for a casual event.


When guests arrived, they were given a wine glass compliments of the chamber.

IMG_9273The event takes place outside under a tent which creates a nice atmosphere.

IMG_9271Guests were treated to a live band.


The crowd really enjoyed themselves.  They played some miniature golf, listened to the band, and a few hit some balls on the driving range.  For July in Iowa, it was a pretty nice evening.

IMG_9293The event ended at 9 p.m. when the sun was beginning to set.


I always enjoy hosting these local events.  There are many friends in the crowd and it is enjoyable to catch up with them.  We have been members of the Altoona Chamber for many years.  It all kind of goes back to the Six Degrees of Separation.

How about you?  Did you attend the Altoona Chamber’s Wine Tasting?  What was your favorite flavor?

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