Annual Tasting

We are host to about 40 weddings a year.  When we first started doing weddings, we did an individual tasting for each couple.  This wasn’t that big of a deal when there were only 4 couples.  As we grew, we needed to come up with a better way for our couples to try out food.

About four years ago, we offered our couples to ask for specific food items, then we would make that for them in addition to making extra of the items, so others could sample.  We have grown and learned new things doing our best to make everything be as efficient as possible.

This year’s tasting was held the first weekend of March.  It was on a Friday and Saturday.  I had these grand ideas of all the pictures I was going to take showing you how we do our tastings.

IMG_3003I started by getting a picture of Rick helping us grill all the skewers for the tasting.  Then, the staff started to arrive.

About three hours later, I picked up my camera to capture the reason for the lack of pictures.  We were busy.

IMG_3005 We had dishes coming out of our ears.  Typically our goal is to have all the dishes done by the time the event is over.  Not today.  We stayed for an additional two hours getting all the dishes and serving platters clean.

IMG_3004How about you?  Have you had company over before and gotten the place all fancy only to forget to take pictures of all the fun that took place?

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