Another Episode in the Saga of the Ceremony Site

In the next chapter of Days of our Ceremony Site Building Lives, we bring you another episode of Doug and his sidekick, Jordan.  After digging the trenches to put in irrigation, the next step was to fill the trenches with electricity and speaker wire.  You can read about the irrigation installation here.


In order to make sure we didn’t have any feedback from our speakers, we had to run the electricity and speaker wire in two separate conduits.  The boys got the electrical wire put in the trench, then filled the trench with several inches of dirt before laying in the second conduit for speaker wire.


In order to feed the wire through the conduit, they attached it to a line of metal “string”.  Of course, we used everyone’s favorite tool:  Duct Tape.  My dad always told me that everything could be fixed with either duct tape or Gorilla Glue.  When I was in college, one of the legs on my dorm room chair broke.  I put about three rolls of duct tape on that crazy leg, but all my friends would still fall out of the chair on to the floor.  I have never seen my dad laugh so hard when he saw how I had tried to repair the metal leg on the swivel chair.  In his defense, I never did give the Gorilla Glue a try.  Thankfully, he welded the leg back together for me.


We made about ten trips to Menards to finish this project.  That’s how it goes, right?  I think everyone in the electrical and plumbing department knows me by name.  I have never understood why they send me to Menards to get all the supplies.  I seem like a fairly unlikely candidate given my lack of electrical knowledge.  Luckily, I just play dumb and someone always takes pity on me and helps me get what I came to buy.  Even though it might take me several trips to get it right.


Once all the wire had been pulled, they put the conduit into the trench and covered the whole thing up with dirt!


They got the trench all filled back in with dirt.  Next up, we’re bringing in compost, tilling that bad boy up and putting in grass seed.  Will this year long project ever be complete?  I guess you’ll have to tune back in for another episode of Days of our Ceremony Site Building Lives.

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