Bert and Ernie Walk into a Lounge

When I was a young girl, my dad used to read me a book about Bert and Ernie.  The beginning of the story featured Ernie who demanded that Bert put a pot on his head.  When Bert asked why, Ernie replied, “Because I broke the cookie jar.”

The story goes on and on about all of the reasons why Ernie had to find a place for something else. That’s a perfect description for how it came to be that we decided to remodel the Golfer’s Lounge.

The story goes something like this…

We need to remodel the Golfer’s Lounge. Why do we need to remodel it? Because we have extra cabinets.


Why do we have extra cabinets?  Because we had to remodel our mini kitchen area.


Why did we need to remodel the mini kitchen?  Because we had new to us stainless steel tables and racks.


Why did we have new stainless steel racks?  Because we purchased kitchen equipment from a demo project.

2013-10-27 21.06.16

Why did we purchase new to us kitchen equipment?  Because my mom is pretty awesome and we thought she deserved it!


Why is mom awesome?  Because she cooks and bakes for hundreds of people with only two helpers.


Why does mom cook for hundreds of people?  Because we have lots of events: graduation parties, baby showers, etc.  They often take place in our Golfer’s Lounge.


There you have it.  That’s why we’re remodeling the Golfer’s Lounge.  When you tell the story like that, it makes complete sense, right?

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