Birthday Party Central

Over the weekend, our staff completed their 200th minigolf birthday party of the season.

I didn’t want to figure it out for fear of depressing my mom, Freddi the Kitchen Guru, but that also means that she made her 500th pizza of the season. She has gotten quite good at making her homemade crust and single topping pizza.


When we built the minigolf nine years ago, we had a vision of what we could offer the community. At the time, my children were small. In fact, my daughter was born the day before our grand opening of the miniature golf. My middle son, Carson, was only three and he played the miniature golf about 125 times a day and got so good at it that he would average 10 or more holes in one per round!

Given that we are nestled among 400 acres of farmland, we have an unusual landscape for a business that is located only 15 minutes from downtown Des Moines. An oasis of sorts. You can hear birds singing and the star filled night sky is something to admire.  All of our miniature golf birthday parties add such a fun dynamic to the golf course.
It used to be that our weekends were filled with loud boistrous golfers, but now we hear little voices among our crowd. Begging for a lollipop or exclaiming their favorite color while grabbing a golf ball for the miniature golf.

It has been so fun to see all of our dreams from nine years ago become a reality this year. Two hundred birthday parties celebrating all the future golfers. We couldn’t ask for anything better.


How about you? Did you celebrate someone’s birthday at the golf course this year?

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