Burn Baby. Burn

In the spring, we burn down all of the grasses that grow along the pond banks as well as along the front of the clubhouse’s landscaping.

It’s a great trick to turn the grass green much faster.  It seems like this year, the grass just doesn’t want to turn green.  I can’t remember the last time that we have had such a late spring.

Our outside guys, Doug, Dick and Steve set to work.  Normally, when it is time to light fires, we are never lacking for volunteers.  Not sure why guys like to light fires, but they do.IMG_3840

Where’s my torch?


Hey, guys.  I need some more fire over here.


Most of the grass burns quickly because it is dry, but there are a few stubborn spots.


Before. IMG_3843Of course a fire wouldn’t be a fire if we didn’t set something on fire that we actually wanted.IMG_4090

Just a little damage to the handicap sign.  The after pictures are worth it!  Check out this beautiful view.


Now everything is all freshly cleaned looking and ready for new grass to germinate.

IMG_4092Any burning going on in your neighborhood?  It’s probably my favorite part about living in the country.

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