Crazy Kitchen Ladies

Over the next three days, my mom and her trusty sidekick, Kerry, will prepare food for over 550 people.  That isn’t unusual for them.  They can crank out food more than that old guy from Tennessee who had that cooking show on PBS when I was a kid.  I don’t remember his name, but he was hilarious.  He would pour in a cup of wine, then drink the leftovers.  He was always saying that he would G-AR- ON-Tee! this or that.


Anyway, my mom is kind of like him.  Minus the wine drinking and red suspenders.

Many of our golfers are always shocked when they happen to attend a wedding or another event at the golf course.  Since the golfers are used to our hot dogs, they are shocked to learn our skill level goes slightly beyond that.

Like our Antipasta Display.  Virtually everything we prepare is made from scratch recipes.  The homemade bread that is included with this feature is divine!


Sometimes, what they prepare is so pretty they can’t help themselves from taking a picture.  Since many of our brides get ready for their day in our bridal suite, they often have a lunch catered.  The most frequently requested lunch is our bread ring.   That’s me taking a picture of Kerry taking a picture of mom taking a picture of the Bread Ring.  Say THAT ten times fast!


Kerry’s favorite thing to prepare is our fruit or vegetable trays.  It seems like every one turns out differently.  She has fun creating designs or patterns depending on her mood.


She was feeling particularly circular this day…


Our trifles are always very popular.  I get a kick out of people because they’ll ask what we prepare for dessert and I’ll tell them a trifle.  They usually don’t know what one is, then we bring it out and everyone goes crazy over it.  These vary depending on what’s in season.


Sometimes they feature fruit, angel food cake or Oreo’s while others have chocolate chip cookies and brownies in them.


My mom has always enjoyed shopping in bulk.  I can remember going to Food For Less when I was kid over near the Park Fair Mall.  It was a magical store and we had to use huge boxes to carry home our food because they didn’t provide bags.  At this time, my brother lived at home, so we would go through 5+ gallons of milk a week and mass amounts of food.

Mom and Kerry have a system in place where they divide and conquer when picking up all of the supplies for the week.  One gets the fresh ingredients…


While the other is tasked with all of the dry goods…


It’s a good thing they enjoy their job.  We are lucky to have my mom, Kerry and Julie who are fantastic in the kitchen and keep all of our good intentions of diets at bay.


How about you?  Do you enjoy spending time in the kitchen or is the microwave your best friend?

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