Dangers of Working

On Saturdays, it isn’t uncommon for us to work more than fifteen hours.  We have nicknamed these days Super Saturdays because that makes them seem more fun. (Yeah.  Right.) It isn’t as bad as it sounds.  I don’t sit at a desk for fifteen hours.  The job is constantly changing and evolving as the day progresses.  This particular day, I helped with the golf outing in the morning, then got set up for a wedding ceremony in the afternoon as well as a reception.


I like to make sure everything goes smoothly, so I stayed late into the night.  I even decided to get a shot of the tree frogs that collect by our doors.

You might find it amusing to know that I’m deathly afraid of frogs and toads.  As in, I have NEVER touched one in my life.  I know this is ironic when you consider the fact that our course is named Toad Valley.  My only thought on that is that I, personally, was not even alive when the golf course was named, so I really had no say in the matter.


These tree frogs make quite an impression on our late night customers.  When I was training a new employee on how to close the building and lock everything up, I opened the door to show how it locks and a tree frog jumped into the building.   My new employee must have thought I had lost my mind when I began screaming and jumping around with a cup trying to capture the poor animal.  I did finally manage to trap it under the cup.  Sadly, I inadvertently pulled off its legs when I was trying to assist in its escape from the building.  It did finally make it outside, but not exactly in the alive state that it had arrived.  I think this was a high point for me as the General Manager and is a perfect example of why I changed my title to Wizard of Fun.

The point of this whole story is to let you know that I was tired.  I had put in long days.  I had trained a new employee.  I had an adrenaline rush because of the killer tree frog’s attempted murder of me by hopping around the clubhouse.

All of these things resulted in my black eye.  Trust me.  It had nothing to do with my general clumsiness and lack of sense of direction.

I tripped down my stairs the following morning into the corner of my wall and got a black eye.


This was after a week of healing. I didn’t want to gross you out with the more detailed pictures.

There you have it.  The dangers of working.  Although I have done my best to make a case for not working long hours in the future, my family simply pats me on the head and tells me to get over it.  Can’t blame me for trying though, right?

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