It’s Hammer Time!

When you ask a teenager to get up early in the morning to come to work, you are usually greeted by a few groans.  Those groans suddenly become grins when they find out there will be a sledgehammer involved.

IMG_9071I’m not sure how long ago we put up this fencing around the clubhouse area.  If my memory serves me correctly, it was nearly twenty years ago.  We’ve been doing lots of constructing lately.  Evidence seen here, here, and here.  After looking at all our new construction, our old fence just wasn’t really cutting it anymore.  It’s funny how when things are first built, they improve the overall look of something.  In time, they just don’t have that same luster anymore.

Austin and Jake set to work tearing down our fencing around the clubhouse to give it a nice clean look.  Here is the before shot of the fence in question.


The removal wasn’t too difficult.  (Said the person who took the pictures and didn’t lift a finger).

IMG_9082They simply used the sledgehammer to knock out the fence rails.



Once the rails were removed, they loosened the fence posts and pulled them up out of the ground.


When they were done, they had a nice pile of fence railing that was stacked up for possible future use.  After forty years in business, we have learned not to be too eager to throw things away.  You just never know when something will come in handy.IMG_9064

The boys had a good system down and made the whole thing look pretty easy.


Once everything was removed, they asked me if I had any more things around that I wanted to destroy.  Imagine their disappointment when I couldn’t think of anything.  They filled all the fence post holes with compost and covered it all back up with rock.

IMG_9087It turned out quite nice and just feels like a nicely landscaped area.  We have some future plans for this area.  Just one day at a time.

How about you?  Any deconstructing going on at your house?  Do you enjoy waking up in the morning to swing a sledgehammer?

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