The Science of Garbage

Garbage detail is always a good indicator of the busyness of the golf course.  Lots of garbage.  We were busy.  Not much garbage.  Not so busy.  Yeah.  It’s highly scientific.

Steve is our official  garbage man.IMG_3972

Steve’s nickname around these parts is Smiley.  He is always smiling.


Even when it is 32 degrees, there is garbage to be picked up.  Yesterday, we had our 7th Annual Tax Relief Day.  That’s the day that we celebrate taxes being done by offering complimentary greens fees when golfers rent a cart.  Of those seven years, about half of them have resulted in decent weather.  When we have good weather, we might have three garbage cans filled.  We stand around and look at the garbage and say, “Yep.  Looks like we were busy.”  See how that works?  Scientific.

IMG_3974This year’s weather wasn’t anything to brag about, however, we were pretty busy because the spring weather hasn’t been that great, so golfers are ready to take what they can get.  That means playing golf even though it is barely 50 degrees.

IMG_3979According to our highly scientific accounting certified bean moving analysis…the garbage indicates that we were pretty busy on a 50 degree day.

How about you?  Do you smile when you’re taking out garbage?

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