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As I mentioned here, Theresa met up with a few of her sales people earlier last week.  Although fun, they don’t allow her to sample any foods.  Luckily, Pat, who is our salesman is quite charming which makes up for the lack of food.  He even literally gave me the shirt off his back one year when I was dressing as a crazy golfer for our homecoming parade.  Here I am a few years ago wearing Pat’s cardigan.  My kids and I were classy golfers who excitedly handed out candy.  I was short on a costume and Pat loaned it to me.  Score!


Now that’s service!  He arrived to the golf course sporting his rack of this coming year’s fashion samples in golf. IMG_2774[1]

Theresa grabbed her pen to mark down items that she liked out of the magazine.  We like purchasing from Antigua.  Number one reason is that we like Pat.  Secondly, they are a nice quality shirt that is in a price point that is affordable for our golfers.


One disadvantage of being a family owned and operated business is that we aren’t offered the steep discounts that a big corporation or multi-course operator is offered.  We are just one company that orders (relatively speaking) very few shirts and products.  It keeps us on the lookout because we want to stay competitive with larger corporations that are offered bigger bulk discounts.  Pat was helpful and showed Theresa many new styles for the coming season.


She likes to feel the fabric.  Luckily for our golfers, she is married to a man who is picky about how fabrics feel against his skin.  When picking out product, she pays attention to the design and the type of fabric.  At the end of the day, she will pick out about four designs from their hundreds of options.  These shirts all get the Toad Valley logo.  With a name like Toad Valley, they are a popular item for people to purchase.  After all, we’re the only Toad Valley in the United States.  Get your Toad stuff here!


Then, we found out why Pat is on the top of our like list.  He pulled out the pièce de résistance.  These fabulous golf balls will not be available until December.  Trust me.  We are counting down the days until they arrive in our Golf Shop!


Bam!  Duck Dynasty golf balls.  Who’s ready to use these to improve their game?  Forget about the shirt.  Am I right or am I right?

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