Field of Greens Minigolf

We added a miniature golf course to our place in 2004, so we didn’t waste any time in getting a sign put up.  This year.  2013.  But who’s counting, right?

While we had Iowa One Call out here marking the lines for our fence post, we decided to have them mark the lines for our planned location of our miniature golf sign.IMG_6850

Both the phone line and gas were running very close to where we had planned to place the sign.  Steve got things marked where he would dig some holes to attach the sign.

IMG_6830In case you didn’t notice, Steve doesn’t go anywhere without his grandkids cup.  You can see it in the grass.  It has pictures of his grandkids it.  He’s a good grandpa.  He grabbed all of his tools to dig the hole for the fence post.

IMG_6842I had to go inside to take a few phone calls and before I knew it, the sign was being screwed into place!

IMG_6839See.  It only took us nine years to get a sign hung up for the minigolf!  Just imagine what we will do in the next nine years!  The possibilities are endless!

IMG_6849Looking good!  How about you?  Do you enjoy playing miniature golf or regular golf?

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