First Wedding of 2013

Our first wedding of 2013 was late this year. That actually worked out well because the weather hasn’t exactly been all that great this year. The only trouble with waiting until late April to get started is that our staff didn’t have much time to dust off whatever skills they had forgotten since last year. We all had zero time for mistakes, too. This wedding reception was our biggest to date. My sweet bride, Jadi, called me and said, “What am I going to do? I have too many guests!”

Everything worked out and we were able to make it happen for her. Luckily since it was early in the year, we were able to seat guests in the front clubhouse as well as our Events Center. Jadi and Grant got married on her parents’ wedding anniversary. Her flower of choice was tulips. Last fall, her family planted over 1,000 tulips in preparation of the big day. They had both early and mid season variety which they had hoped would mean that they would have at least a few tulips for decoration. Enter. Spring 2013. It can’t be any more polar opposite this year than it was in 2012. Needless to say, none of the tulips came up. NONE!

They were able to order in flowers with Altoona’s Hy-Vee. The flowers added a beautiful springy vibe to the room.


We worked very hard to make sure the room was set and ready.  Our room only seats 225 people.  In order for the room to have the most amount of space available for guests, we like to use rectangle tables when we hit our maximum capacity.


We spend lots of time making sure everything is lined up perfectly.


It is also very important to us that we don’t use the dance floor as any space for the tables. It makes it so much easier on the guests if they aren’t asked to move.

IMG_4454You can see in this picture that we put the cake on the center of the dance floor.  We have the bride and groom cut the cake as soon as they enter the room.  Guests are able to watch and then we cut and plate it as part of the buffet line.  If you like cake as an appetizer, no problem!


In case you’re curious as to how many gallons of ranch it takes to serve 250 people, the answer is four!  Four gallons of ranch dressing!  That’s a lot.

It seemed like the dishes were never ending, but our staff was amazing and got everything done in record time.


Jadi and Grant were an adorable couple and we wish them the best in the future.

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