Flower Bed Prepping

Spring has gotten started a little late this year.  I can remember several years in the past where we have planted flowers long before May 15th.  It seems like when the spring was ready to be here, our to do list quadrupled in size.  To keep things moving along, we got to work prepping the beds with our tiller.  Our goal was to have all the flowers in the ground before the weekend.


We have about 20 flats of flowers that get planted every year around the clubhouse and on the golf course.  The miniature golf and the clubhouse area receive the most amount of annual flowers.


The tiller goes at a speed of -1 mile per hour, so it is best if it is transported in a utility vehicle.  Jake and Niko loaded it up into the cart to get started tilling up the bed around the front sign.


Then, they had to pose for their muscle shot.


Once the front bed was tilled, they went to work tilling up the other beds around the clubhouse.


Jake knocked over one of the boulders.  Luckily, Niko jumped right in to assist.  It’s nice having young boys who play rugby work at the golf course.  Work can serve two purposes.  A job.  A workout for the rugby team.  I’m so glad we were able to help these young men out.


Shortly after this photo, Jake pulled too hard on the string and the tiller would no longer work.  Suddenly, work wasn’t as fun.  That’s the way it goes sometimes.  Equipment works and protests.  It always teaches us who is really in charge.


How about you?  Have you gotten all your flowers planted?

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