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Apr 16, 2016





We had a fantastic meeting which lasted two days.  The statewide Genealogical Society had their annual meeting at our place.  It was absolutely fascinating to listen to all of the speakers who walked about 150 people through the process of finding their ancestors.

2015 Fall Conferenc TV_2

They had experts in many different areas of ancestry.  One thing they really stressed was the importance of finding all of the cemeteries and documenting them.  There are many very small remote cemeteries in Iowa with all of the small town farms where no one knows who is buried in those areas.

2015 Fall Conferenc TV_1

The guests learned about new apps on their phones and many other new websites that are being developed with the purpose of finding generations in your family tree.

2015 Fall Conferenc TV_3

Lunch was served both days.  They also turned our Golfers Lounge into a book store where there were many different types of books with lists of names and lineage.  Many of the books were even from small church groups who had lists of names of members who were all related.  The book sale served as a fundraiser for the Genealogical Society.  They also auctioned off a really cool quilt to raise additional funds.


If you’d like they are having their conference at our place again this year, it’s held on October  7th and 8th.  Check out the interview explaining more information about this year upcoming conference!

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Click on the above image in order to register for this event!

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