Glamorous Jobs

Having grown up on the golf course, I have many stories to tell about all of the many jobs that I have performed over the years.  When I was two years old, my dad would take me with him and I would help him change the cups on the course.  My job was to set the cup.  Because I was so small, I wasn’t very effective with the tool.  My dad would always brag to others that changing cups took him one hour when he did it alone, but with Allison’s help, he could get it done in two hours.  My chest would swell with pride because I was truly helping my dad.

I realized I was wrong about twenty years later.

My cousins and I often did the jobs around the clubhouse that were the lowest on the fun factor.  We got paid in love and nickels, so we made the best of it.  We washed and gassed the carts.  I also had the fun job of picking up the garbage on the golf course.  Let’s not forget cleaning the bathrooms and loading the pop machine out of the course.  There aren’t many jobs that I haven’t performed over the years.

That’s why I fully understand when my children let out a small groan when I place a phone call that I need some additional help.  They are often spotted helping to clean out carts after a golf outing.  Their small stature getting some looks from golfers while they park the carts.  Not surprisingly, they are very good at helping.

The current least favorite job at the golf course is that of the dishwasher which requires my frequent phone calls to my children for help.  Now, I haven’t quite figured out the lure of the dishwasher at the golf course.  For some reason, my children enjoy it far more than they enjoy our one at home.  Not to mention the fact that washing dishes for 200 people takes more time than washing for our family of five.  I’m just glad they are happy to do the job.


When my daughter was in third grade, she told her friends that she had a job.  None of them believed her.

IMG_1578I just hope in time that the fun of washing dishes at the golf course translates to our home environment.  I guess I have never grown to enjoy filling my car with gas, so maybe it’s just the fun of work that makes the most mundane jobs exciting.

How about you?  Ever do a job at work that you’d never dream of doing at home?

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