Going for the Green. No. Not THAT Green.

Today’s post is brought to you by my mom, Fred.  She’s in charge of all our Food and Beverage at Toad Valley.

Author:  Fred Brady (Kitchen Guru)

For years now, I have ordered my food online from Sysco.  I also make a weekly jaunt out to Sams on 8th  Street in Clive.  (I usually call it West Des Moines, but whatever).  So anyway, when Monday rolls around, I do my inventory and make a list for each place.

Sysco’s order needs to be placed by 4:00pm if I want it delivered Tuesday, but if I haven’t ordered very much, I make the trip up to Ankeny, where Sysco is located, myself.  (I always have to make a side visit to Salvation Army when I do that).

Then, on Wednesday (assuming everything is going according to whoile) I make this wonderful trip out to Sams.  My joy forever, has always been buying groceries in bulk. Let me tell you, I now buy groceries in BULK!  Here’s a picture of one of my return treks from Sams.


The important thing is to get everything in its place so “items don’t shift” during the flight home.  It is sometimes a great challenge but for the most part, they move very little.

Okay, now comes the biggest game of all for me which is trying to get all green lights from the moment I leave I-235 to East University and all the rest of the way back to the golf course.  Today, everything looked very promising as when I came off of the freeway, that first light was green (never happens), then the next light at the Cow (Anderson-Erickson) was green.  My thoughts turned to will I make it, can I make it and what do I have to do TO make it all the way.  When I got to Southeast Polk High School, the light was green and I was straining my neck to see if there were any cars coming from the school to make the next light turn red.  To my ever wondering mind, there were NO cars.  The light was green.  Yes, my dear friends, I got GREEN lights ALL the way home.  Victory is so sweet sometimes.


So, I’m asking you…do you have little mind games you play while driving your car?  I really do concentrate while I’m driving…just thought I’d let you all know that.

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