Goose Be Gone

May 06, 2013


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Canada Geese can cause lots of damage to a golf course.  Because they don’t have teeth, they eat the greens to use the sand to grind up their food.  Golfers don’t like geese.  Golf course owners don’t like geese.  The DNR loves geese.  Yep.  They are protected.  If a skunk digs up the golf course, we can eliminate it, but the geese are a different story.


These two lovebirds are very protective of their “property.”  We often hear them squawking to make sure no other geese find this spot attractive.


KA BOOM!  Bam pow.  How do you like me now?


Good bye geese.  Here’s hoping they flew off to a nice nearby pond to set up camp.  Otherwise, Mr. Bird Banger will have to make another appearance.


How about you?  Have any geese in your neighborhood?  Full disclosure.  We even had to get certified by the ATF.

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