We have many events at the golf course.  I think my favorite type of event is when we get to seriously surprise someone for their birthday.


Our set up is perfect for surprising unsuspecting victims.  Even those who are most suspicious.  The usual method involves someone in the family asking another family member to play golf.  While the golfing is taking place, guests arrive.

IMG_1554Guests eat food, sample the cupcakes and in general have a good time.


This particular family decided to surprise their family member by hiding behind our fence on number nine.


When the birthday person arrived on the green, the whole group of family and friends came out to enjoy the surprise!


It was loads of fun and the birthday boy was very shocked!

How about you?  Have you ever surprised a family member?  My family surprised me for my 30th birthday.  I was really dumb for falling for their story, but I got to wear a crown, so it was a win/win.

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