Hiding the Uglies

At any business, you have one major eyesore.  The dumpster.  It’s a necessary evil.  It’s no secret that the back of our clubhouse could use some TLC.   Since repaving the back and putting in drainage isn’t in the budget, we thought we could at the very least cover it to make it look more attractive.  My trusty outside guys got to work one day putting in a gate that could be pulled across the driveway.  It won’t always be pulled as we get many delivery trucks in that area, but it will be pulled for special occasions where we want the area to look nice.

Before we did any digging, we called Iowa One Call to mark our lines.  Once they were marked, the guys decided where they would place the fence post.


The first step was to dig a hole to put in a fence post that would hold our gate in place.


Once the hole was dug, they mixed up some Sakcrete to stabilize the fence post.


They made sure the post was level while they got the hole filled in.  Sakcrete dries quickly, so they made good progress quickly.


Once they saw everything was level, they took a quick break to regroup.  The golf course has been pretty busy lately and we have had many events going on and project deadlines.  We got everything lined up while the concrete dried.


Once it was dry, they filled the hole with clay and spread out the remaining rock.  It was highly scientific as they spread the rock around with their feet!


The post was in place, so they attached the gate hinges to the fencing.


They unloaded the fencing and tested out the steel wheels they had attached to the bottom to help to guide it along the rock.

IMG_6863Once the first panel of fencing was attached, they moved on to attached the second section of fencing.  This was something that they had designed in their head.  Definitely not a permanent fix, but it is something that will accomplish what we need to get done.  It didn’t hurt that Menards was having their 11% sale.  That was good motivation to make some purchases.  They also mentioned to Kim that they had made some new projects for her to stain!

Doug was busy running the bolts through to Dick who was on the other side of the fence.


Hi there, Dick!


Next up was the big reveal!  They rolled out each fence section to test their design.

IMG_6886Ta! Da!  Once everything was all moved out, we went from this view…

IMG_6893To this beautifully hidden view!  What a relief!

IMG_6882That is a work of art in my book!  How about you?  Do you have an “ugly” side to your house or business?  I sure hope we aren’t the only ones.

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