I Heart Quinceañeras

My title at the golf course is the Wizard of Fun.  When you’re in a family owned business, you get to make up titles.  It compensates for the long hours.  At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.

The Wizard of Fun title best describes my job.  I’m in charge of all the fun.  I organize anniversaries, miniature golf birthday parties, open houses, family reunions, fundraisers, rehearsal dinners, weddings, golf outings – you get the idea.  The fun!  I look forward to all events at the golf course.  I’m addicted to smiling happy faces.  Last Saturday, I must admit, we hosted the main event for this year that I have been looking forward to since January.

Simona turned fifteen which meant it was time for her Quinceañera.


I don’t even remember my 15th birthday.  Not because I’m old.  Ok.  Maybe that has a little bit to do with it.  Mostly I don’t remember because it was probably just like most of my other birthdays.  Cake, presents, family, laughter and fun.  Not too shabby, but seriously, I didn’t have a crown on any of my cakes.


That’s right.  Her parents have three daughters and two sons.  Simona was the third daughter, so they knew the ropes by now.  Tiaras on a cake.  Yes, please.


The smile never left this beautiful birthday girl’s face all evening!


The evening started off outside with miniature golf, appetizers and this…

IMG_9140[1]That’s right.  We’re talking about a mariachi band. Mariachi Zapata had come in from Omaha and they were amazing.

IMG_9143[1]I really wanted to wear their pants.  How cool are they?

IMG_9142[1]After the guests had played miniature golf, the mariachi band escorted the birthday girl and her table of honor into our events center.

IMG_9151[1]There was lots of dancing as well as many smiling faces.

It seems like every quinceañera that we host features something different that is meaningful to the family.  Simona was treated to beautiful dancers.  They were spinning too fast for me to get a good picture, so let’s just say there was a lot of spinning and jumping.


Finally, Simona, her brother and her court of honor took the dance floor and performed their waltz.

IMG_9163[1]Basically, I just pretended that it was my fifteenth birthday throughout the evening.  I hope that’s not too weird.  Especially when it came time to bust open the pinata.  I don’t know about Simona, but it was one of the most fun events that I have ever had the pleasure of working.  Her parents and family were amazing and the fun entertainment seemed to never stop.

Seriously.  I got to listen to this for two hours!  I told them that I wished they were my family, so they could sing to me at all of my birthdays.  Then, I remembered.  It wasn’t my birthday and more importantly, I wasn’t fifteen.  Not even close.

What did you do when you turned 15?  Any live bands play for you?  Did you have to dance with your brother?

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