Iowa State University’s Cyclone Club

I’m fully aware that this post might be the most divisive post I have ever written.  I’ll just preface the whole thing by saying that I went to the University of Iowa.  Hopefully that will help all of those hard core fans not hate me for enjoying my time spent with Iowa State fans.  Iowa State has the Mayor, so I kind of have to be a fan.  Not liking Freddy is kind of like hating on newborn babies.  It just isn’t cool.

We were fortunate enough to be the location to the Iowa State Cyclone Club’s annual Iowa vs. Iowa State pre-game golf outing.  This event takes place on the Friday before the big game every year.   My favorite part of the whole day was getting to meet Cy.  Try as I might, I could never get Cy to break character and start talking to me.


Sadly, this golf outing had the unfortunate luck of landing on a cold and rainy day.


I didn’t manage to take any other pictures of their clever gimmicks to capture the spirit of the big game because I’m made of sugar and can easily melt in the rain.  You’ll just have to participate in the golf outing in 2015 for a chance to hit Herky and (in general) bash on Iowa and sport your cardinal and gold.

I gotta know.  Are you a Hawkeye or Cyclone fan?

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