Jake the Butcher

The spring is probably the most hectic time around the golf course.  There are so many projects that need to happen to clean up from the winter and prepare for the summer.  There are perennials to transplant, native grasses that need trimmed back from last year’s growth.  Roses need to be pruned.  New mulch needs to be replaced in the beds.  The list goes on and on.

Meet Jake.


Jake has been coming in after school to help us catch up with all the spring projects.  Yep.  He’s making us look good.  We have lots of native grasses around the golf course.


It was high time that those bad boys got cut down.  We trim the grasses to about 6 inches in height.  Perennial grasses come back from the bottom, so we have to remove the old growth from last year.


Ba da bing.  Ba da boom!  The grasses are cut and ready for new spring growth!


How about you?  Any fans of native grasses out there?  We love it!

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