Jason’s Turning 50 and You’re the One Benefiting!

Yep.  On this blessed day 50 years ago, my dear brother was born BUTT FIRST.  If you know him at all, you’ll realize that it is completely appropriate that his derriere was the first to make an appearance.


My brother is amazing.  He’s extremely funny and a very selfless human being.  You may not see him much on the golf course.  Since he was an air traffic controller for most of his adult life, he has very strange sleeping habits.  We decided to stop trying to make him normal (read never going to happen) and put headlights on all of our mowers.  Jason typically takes the “third shift” and mows in the dark from about 9 pm until 4 am.  This is a particularly good shift in the heat of the season when it’s hard to keep up with the grass growing quickly.

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