Ka-Boom! Drip. Drip. Drop.

We’ve been having lots of fun storms this spring or whatever you might call it.  Without fail, we will get several inches of rain and as soon as it stops raining, our phones start to ring asking if we are open and ready to play golf, of course, with carts.  Most times, we are up and ready to roll.  Sometimes, the rain is just too heavy and we have to wait for it to recede before letting golfers back on the course.  Lately, we had several doozie storms.

Here’s a look at number one near the green right after we had 2 inches of rain.


Golfers are oddly dedicated to finishing their round.  Everyone always likes to push the storm as long as possible.  It makes for a fun memorable round when you have to come in while the rain is beating on your head.  Here’s a reason why you should always come inside when you see lightning.  Golf courses aren’t the best place to be in a lightning storm.


Since we are located in the valley, we get all of the run off from the hill.  For years, we have tried to tell engineers that we need bigger culverts under our driveway.  Apparently they can’t see it on the paper with the math calculations.  Here’s a fine example of what happens to our driveway after a major storm.


Here is a look over number one ladies tee box.  This is what happens when the pond on eighteen overflows.  We get all of the run off from the farmer’s land south of number 11.  That is what makes number 11 and 18 a mushy mess after a strong rain storm.  The good news is that our golf course has over 10 miles of drain tile that helps it to dry up quickly, so we are able to reopen once everything recedes.


The water is always pouring through the culvert between ponds.  I love that sound.  It’s kind of ironic that all of these areas were bone dry just last year.  Iowa sure know how to keep things interesting, huh?

IMG_20130526_192801_561Luckily, we are also fortunate to have the beauty of a storm.  The grass is always bright green from lightning strikes and there is a calming peace when the storm stops.

This is a picture of the silos that you can see when you play number 11.  I bet you could store a whole lot more gold in a silo at the end of a rainbow than you could a bucket!


How about you?  Are you a fan of storms?

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