Launching Rockets

When it comes to kids, we know zero bounds in our entertainment factor.  One of my golf instructors is also a physics teacher.  I decided to ask him a few years ago if he’d be willing to help me launch rockets with the kids in our junior golf program.

It has little to do with golf except that it’s fun.  We usually have close to 80 kids who participate in our program where we have some kids as young as five who are learning the great game of golf.  A golf lesson with a bunch of five year olds can get pretty tedious, so we amp up the fun factor with something fun to do after each lesson.  Our first scheduled rocket launch was greeted by mother nature who had some fun of her own in the form of dark clouds and sheets of rain.

Then, the next scheduled lesson was upon us.  The wind was just right and the rain stayed away.  At the end of the lesson, the kids got lined up to watch the rockets get launched on to the driving range.  A contest was held which determined who the lucky kid would be to push the launch pad button.  We selected one golfer from each one of our groups for a total of five lucky kids who got to push the button

Here’s Troy, our golf instructor and physics teacher, who helped get everything set up.



Once the winners were selected, they were given instructions on what to do.


The rockets were in place while the other children watched on from the sidelines.



IMG_3149And it was time for BLAST OFF!


Who said golf wasn’t the best sport in the world?


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