Least Favorite Job

When you have a family business, you start working at an early age.  I started helping my dad change the cups on the golf course when I was two.  He always said, “You’re such a great helper.  With you, it only takes me two hours to change cups when it takes me one and a half hours by myself.”  I would beam with pride.

My dad gave me my first lesson is the power of delivery.

Since my kids are growing.  I decided to bestow all of the fun that I had growing up on the golf course.  One of the main jobs that I had when I was younger was washing golf carts.  I tried to find some pictures of me washing carts as a youngster, but they didn’t have camera phones then, so my mom never thought to document my torture.

Not this mom!  My boys were tasked with the job of washing our 72 golf carts.  I was there with my phone ready to document.


They were only slightly annoyed with my photography.


When you have a really wet year, it’s next to impossible to keep the carts clean.


The boys had a good system down and got the job done well.  Luckily for them, I had them do this once a week throughout the summer.  I just remind them that it’s a better job than I had at their age.  I was tasked with picking up the garbage on the golf course.

How about you?  What jobs did your parents make you do that weren’t your favorite?

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