Let the Playing Commence!

Menards sent us a rebate check, so you know us.  We couldn’t let it burn a hole in our pocket.  The show must go on, so we decided to add a play set to the miniature golf course.  If you recall, on a rainy day in May, our boys had dug up some sod and had placed woodchips down to prepare for the play set area.  We have wanted to provide some more fun activities for families to use in conjunction with our weekly Tuesday Night Burger Night.

Doug and Dick got to work one day by looking into the playset box just to see what fun project I had purchased for them.  The excitement was building.


If we are anything, we are resourceful.  They had their own makeshift saw horses.  Of course, they never stray too far away from their golf clubs.  Once the dinner bell rang, they had to leave for the day for their daily tee time.  The finished play set would have to wait another day.


They made all of their cuts and the beginnings of a play set had started to form.

IMG_7144From this picture, you might be thinking that I probably should have spent my rebate money from Menards on a ladder.   Ladders are clearly not quite as fun.  We do have a ladder.  It just wasn’t as easily accessible at the time.  Luckily, no one was hurt in the making of this play set!

IMG_7159Once it was constructed,  they needed to find out if it would be strong enough to hold multiple children.  Here the boys are discussing what they could possibly do to determine if their carpentry skills would hold up to lots of kids!


They took one look at Ron and decided that if he could hang from the play set without it collapsing, they’d be in luck!  Ron hung from the bar and everything stayed in place.  Yep.  It was deemed safe for kids.  Ron was too quick for the camera, so here is the after shot of his hanging from the play set.

IMG_7160This play set is a great addition to the miniature golf course.  It is located right next to number 18, so it makes a nice stop for the finish.  We’re pretty excited about it and we were thrilled when we saw several kids playing on it that evening.  What a great way to spend time as a family or even a day care stop.  Nothing beats a good swing! 

Here is the finished product.

IMG_7864Have you played on our new play set yet?  It has two swings, a slide, climbing wall and small clubhouse landing area.

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