Let’s Get Busy

We have so many projects going on right now that our heads are starting to spin.  Let’s back up a little.  In November, we bought a bunch of supplies from a kitchen that was being torn down.  This brought us lots of fabulous kitchen equipment and storage opportunities, but also called for several massive overhauls/remodeling projects for the winter.

Let’s start with our mini-kitchen.  This is located just off our Events Center’s service doors.  Our main kitchen supplies all of the food and then it all gets brought to this mini-kitchen where it’s ready for our event staff to prepare the food for display and serving.

First up, we had to remove all of the stuff, er, valuable belongings out of the cabinets.

IMG_6794Kim and I put everything on carts and stacked everything up to empty the room.


We did our best to stay ahead of Jason who was removing the cabinets as we emptied them.


I know it looks like my brother is sleeping in this picture, but I’m pretty sure he was awake. Barely.

Here’s a shot of the room empty.


Although the cabinets were nice, they weren’t very logical.  Things weren’t easily accessible, plus we had some new stainless steel tables and racks that were looking for a home.  This was the place!  We had a five days span in between events at the golf course, so we took advantage of those five days and tore this room apart.

Jason moved around the room and removed the cupboards from the walls.

Kim and I carried all of the cupboards down to the Golfer’s Lounge where they will be given a new life!


Once everything was removed, we began assembling all of the new shelving systems.


We placed everything temporarily because we had an event that we had to prepare for, so we needed work space before moving on to our next project.


Kim and I played around with the stainless tables and shelving before landing on a good configuration.  Then, we got everything ready, so we could host the event at our place.  Unfortunately, this left our tables/chairs storage room looking like this.


Trust me.  The saga continues…

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