Meet Snappy Pete

While we were turning on the fountains at the miniature golf, we found an unusual critter hiding out under the bridge!

IMG_6976Yes.  That is a snapping turtle.  We have many of them on the golf course, but none have ever made the long trek up to the minigolf.  Most just hang out in the pond by number one.  Given that Pete probably doesn’t like kids, he needed to be taken back to a more appropriate pond where he might be more well received.

IMG_6977They got him to slowly move out from under the bridge, so that he could hop on a shovel for a ride to the nearby pond.  Once they got him out, then he was scooped up and carried to the Cushman.  Great care was taken in making sure his ride was a safe and pleasant one and no one was snapped at along the way.


Once he was placed in the Cushman, they put him up against the side, so they could keep his mouth within the net.  Those nets are used to retrieve golf balls on the minigolf.  They are a multi-use tool!

IMG_6996Is it just me or does Pete seem embarrassed that he strayed so far from his home?

IMG_7013Niko and Austin rode along to make sure Pete stayed in place and didn’t make any sudden moves.

IMG_7011Once we got to the pond where all the painted turtles hang out, we drove to the far end so we didn’t disturb them.  By this time, Snappy Pete wasn’t super happy about his ride and really wanted to bite the handle to the net.


He did manage to smile for his picture, though.


After his photoshoot, we tipped the bucket of the Cushman and Pete slid down into the tall grasses near the pond.  He was happy again.

IMG_7022On our way back to the clubhouse, we found Snappy Penelope who had heard about Pete and was crossing ponds to hear all about his adventures.  Turtles are cool.

IMG_7024How about you?  Ever eat turtle stew?

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