Miniature Golf Improvements

We have been knocking out projects left and right around here.  Having a late/cold spring means that time is not working in our favor.  When the weather is decent, we do our best to complete as many projects as we can.   Here is a post about several upgrades we have made to our miniature golf.  Last year, we added a playset.

I’m never one to be satisfied.  That meant that the area around the playset needed an upgrade this year!  We decided to add a tunnel that will be covered in vines for children to run through.  My kids have enjoyed the similar one at the state fair since they were small children and we thought this would be something fun for kids to run through.  It first required some removal of sod in a large U shape.


Next up, my carpenters got busy putting together some bracing that will eventually hold some snow fence that will support the vines.


It it made out of conduit that’s zip tied to rods that are bent in a U shape which forms the tunnel.  Once the tunnel was built, I had the boys begin covering the bare dirt with mulch.


It was a nice day out for once.  We had to wait for the ground to dry out because the 13 inches of rain we got in one week made everything very wet.


They got all of the ground covered in mulch and the tunnel started to take shape.


Here’s a view from above, so you can get an idea of how it goes around the play set.


The tunnel will have an Exit and Enter sign posted on the entryways.


Meanwhile, we were draining all of the ponds from the miniature golf and getting them cleaned out from winter debris, so we can get the fountains up and running.


Here’s the pond full of water from the rains and winter debris.  We drained each pond.


After the water was removed, we were left with a bunch of gross muck.  My brother is the one who got to deal with it.  He’s always drawing the short end of the straw when it comes to gross work.


Once this is all cleaned out, then we’ll be able to insert the pumps and get them wired up!  It won’t be long now!

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