Oh UPS Man… Over Here!

In the spring, the UPS man and FedEx guy make regular stops at the golf course bringing us new product for the Golf Shop.

IMG_4094It is always so exciting to get the big boxes filled with goodies, until the inventory part starts.  Each item gets rung into inventory and all new products have to be put into our Point of Sale system (POS).  That.  Isn’t so much fun.  Theresa received a big pile of small boxes within this large box that she got to place on the H2 Display in our Golf Shop.

IMG_4098Sometimes when you are unloading and unpacking and ringing into inventory and pricing and on and on.  Well, you get a little goofy.

IMG_4099It’s kind of like when your kids are small and you raise their hands while you ask, “How big is baby?”  Then your baby raises his hands and says, “Soooo Big!”  Picture me asking, “How done is Theresa?”  She replies with her arms outstretched, “Soooo Done!!”

New putters and bags have been arriving into our Golf Shop almost every day this spring.

IMG_4103Boxes come in and get unpacked.

IMG_4093These are a fun new product that we are offering this year.

IMG_4095There always seems to be a golfer who forgets that the sun sometimes shines on a golf course.  No excuses now!

What about you?  Anything fun arrive in the mail at your house this spring?

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