Early to Rise Makes Two Men Wise

Dick and Doug are honing in their carpentry skills again now that fall is upon us.  Up until a few weeks ago, they have been mowing and maintaining the grounds at the golf course.  They claim they enjoy this break from the norm.  I’m glad they do!  I asked them what time they would be arriving in the morning.  They answered 6:15.  This is what the shop looked like when I arrived.

2013-10-21 17.35.12

The sun wasn’t even thinking about showing up yet.  I was coming home from dropping my kid off at school.  I didn’t think about the fact that I had showed up to take pictures in my pajama pants and slippers.  I’m a classy boss.  They told me that they felt very over-dressed.

2013-10-21 17.25.34

Doug put to use his geometry and created a template for an arch on our pergola that we will be installing at our new ceremony site.  Then, he traced the template out on all of other boards, so he could cut them all the same size.

2013-10-21 17.26.02Check out that perfectly aligned arch!

2013-10-21 17.26.56

They had a big stack of lumber delivered from Menards to prepare for this project. It’s the perfect thing to work on in the early mornings while they are waiting for the frost to thaw.

2013-10-21 17.30.26

After waking up early for the entire summer, the guys wake up without even thinking about it.

2013-10-21 17.30.31

Once all of the arches were cut, they decided they needed to make some pretty end caps.

2013-10-21 21.30.25

Doug came up with the design.  He’s fancy.

2013-10-21 21.30.12

We are getting very excited to install this pergola at our new ceremony site.  The pergola will be 10 ft x 10 ft square.  The base of it will be flagstone which will be a nice flat surface.  Our vision is to create a nice private dining area where people might want to celebrate with an anniversary dinner.  Not to mention the fact that it will be a beautiful setting to get married under.  Pretty nice design!

2013-10-21 21.30.42

How about you?  Would you want to enjoy a candlelight dinner under our pergola?  Score one for the Mrs.  Romantic setting with no television distraction during a meal.  Score two for the Mr.  Golf course and food!  It’s a win/win!

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