Running Scared Zombie 5K

Sometimes it pays to have a large family.  Especially when it comes to rounding up zombies.  Toad Valley is hosting a zombie 5K run on June 22 where we will be raising money for Shoes that Fit.  It is an organization that helps kids who can’t afford something as simple as shoes.  Before we can launch the run, we have to make a commercial to run on the Mediacom stations in Des Moines.  I put out an all call to my zombie loving family and they delivered in style!  It has been so funny to me because I will call my children and ask them questions about zombies and they always know the answers.  What kind of zombies are there?  Duh, mom.  There are crawlers and chasers.  The crawlers move slowly.  I honestly feel kind of dumb that I don’t know the answers to these questions.  My boys frequently explain how to kill zombies and what guns are best to use.  Who said that video games are of no use!

Meet my cousin, Jen.


She was dressed as a zombie golfer complete with bloody golf shoes.  My other cousin, Ben, was our professional runner.  I figured since he frequently runs in 5K’s he would be pretty believable in a commercial.


My oldest son, Brady, would also be a runner.  However, he would be staged as the weak runner who gets eaten by my zombie cousin, Jen.  Here is Brady before he gets his brains eaten.

IMG_4534We headed up to the trails where the 5K will take place.  I have wanted to have a run at the golf course for several years, but just never made the commitment to organize it.  There are so many beautiful areas to run, so we are all pretty excited about this event.  Here is Brady while his brains are getting eaten.  Jen’s children were very concerned that she had eaten Brady’s brains.  The funny part about all our advertising is that I frequently talk about eating brains because… well… that’s what zombies do.  I was talking to Doug, who is one of our outside workers, and he was very excited because he thinks brain patties are good when you grill them with crackers.  Uh.  No, Doug.  We aren’t actually planning to eat brains.


The rest of the cast included my other two children as well as my brother and I who were all dressed as zombies.


You know you’re going to have a good day when you have to bring a gallon of blood to work.


The best part of the day was that we had to continue to help golfers behind the counter until our camera man was ready to get to work.  We headed up into the trails where the zombie run will take place to shoot the commercial.


There was a lot of laughing among the zombie posing.


Tony is our producer with OnMedia who is the advertising branch of Mediacom.


All in all, I think it ranks right up there in the top five best days that I have ever had at work.

Here is the finished product!  Visit our website:

How about you?  Any Walking Dead lovers out there?

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