Running Scared Zombie Run’s Course

I thought I would offer a glimpse at the running course for the race that is taking place this Saturday, June 22.  We have lots of beautiful areas in which to run.  Check this out!  Doesn’t this look like a Robert Frost poem?  A nice fork in the road.  When my kids were younger, they actually thought there was a literal fork stuck in the road.  Kids are so funny.


Most of these paths are in our 100 acres that we have naturalized north of number one.  My dad, the tree man, planted all of these trees from seed nearly 15 years ago.


In order to access these trees, my dad mowed in many trails.


As the trees have grown, the trails have gotten to be a little oasis out in the middle of what feels like no where.

IMG_7084We decided that it would be fun to have a 5K on these trails.  Since our family is theatrical and a little odd, we thought we needed to include zombies with the running.  After all, I only run if I’m being chased.  So, zombies will hide in and among the trails and do their best to grab the runners health flags that are belted around their waists.



Are you signed up to run?  Will you get your brains eaten by zombies?  Are you going to be a zombie?


Be sure to check out our website for all the details.  We will have an apocalypse party after, so even if you don’t run, you can still come dressed as a zombie.

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