She Thinks My Tractor is Comfy

Our outside staff spends lots of time on this John Deere tractor.  They are required to sing country songs about tractors while they work.  Ok.  Not really required.  Maybe just encouraged.


We like to keep our outside staff happy.  No falling asleep on the job, though.  In preparation for the rain that is predicted, we have been busy seeding.

IMG_4014It was very cold today.  Ron was miserable.  The comfy tractor made everything better.


Our tee markers are toads.  They are happy that grass is getting planted on our tees.  I think we will name this little toad after my aunt Dessie.  She was my grandpa’s sister and used to live on our property when it was a dairy farm.

IMG_4023The key to working outside at a golf course is layers.  Lots of them.  One of them must be long johns.  Ron prefers the multiple jacket method and coffee.  He was able to get seeding done on three holes today before the rain is supposed to hit.


How about you?  What do you wear to keep warm when work demands you are outside?  Layers, long johns, multiple coats?  Me.  I like the “tell other people what to do outside” method while I sit at my computer.

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