Ok.  I just looked at the calendar and realized that summer passed me by.  What?

Here’s my excuse for not keeping up with the golf course shenanigans.    Then, I’ll get on with the show.  First up, at the end of April, my dear, sweet, grandma passed away.  She was 99 years old and lived a fantastic life.  Since she was our family’s matriarch and founder of the golf course, it kind of hit our family.  Here are my boys at her funeral.  They were pall bearers.


Then, in May, I experienced the wonders of my oldest son graduating from high school.


This meant getting my house ready for an open house.  Not my idea of a good time.  I have no idea why I let my kid talk me into this when I should have just had the open house at the golf course.  After all, we were host to over 22 open houses during the month of May.  My kids were incredibly helpful with cleaning the house.  Found evidence by this picture of what happened when I asked them to clean the bathroom.


Yes.  My kids took the meaning of an open house quite literally when they put a hole in the wall with a pair of scissors.  I love them.

In the month of May, we also celebrated my mom’s 70th birthday as well as my parents 50th wedding anniversary.  We rounded up the Brady clan for a big family picture in honor.  Apparently, I got my short gene from my mom.  Thanks, mom.


Getting a kid ready to go to college is a pretty big job.  I traveled to UNI several times throughout the summer for orientation as well as his try out for a music scholarship.  My oldest son is Mr. Jazz.  He plays the trombone.

Let’s not forget my mom duties to my daughter who is a dancer.  What little time I had free, I spent at competitions watching her perform.


The family spent some time doing some clean up at my parents house.  That’s always a good time when the chain saw makes an appearance.

IMG_3984July passed by quickly, then August and suddenly, BOOM!  Here it is.  The end of August and I’ve completely neglected my duties of updating golf course information.  Sorry.  I’ll make it up to you with a fruitful and entertaining fall filled with lots of input and events.

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