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If you haven’t ever played golf in the spring, you need to make it a point to stop out sometime in the next week or so.  The smells and beautiful trees only last a short while, but boy, do they ever smell amazing.  As soon as you walk up from the parking lot, you are greeted by this beauty.  It is a crab apple tree that is simply loaded in blossoms.


In the spring, the best hole on the whole golf course is number four.  Its sweet scent can be smelled from several holes away.  All along the east side of number four’s fairway are a variety of flowering trees.  They were planted in the farm field on the other side of the fence row, so you have to look beyond the deciduous trees that have yet to fully leaf out to see the blooming trees.


It is such a wonderful aroma of plum, cherry, Siberian, and crab apple trees.


It is one of my favorite times of the year to spend time on the golf course because the spring colors are so vivid.


Our miniature golf course has its share of flowering trees, too.


The whole course is loaded with red buds, crab apples, and lilacs.


Here are the red buds in their full glory!  The flowers and colors only last a short while.  Their beauty certainly makes the joy of the seasons worth the days that aren’t as great as others.  Yes.  I’m talking about YOU May snow storm!


Golfers who sit on our veranda that’s on the outside of our building and overlooks the minigolf are treated to some smellerific scents, too.  Check out these Lollipop Crab Apple trees that have just started to bloom today.


Finally, we have some rhododendrons on the golf course, too.  This one is covered in blooms this spring and is located near number nine green.  The joys of spring.  Snow.  Record heat.  Spring flowers.  Green grass.  Iowa definitely gives us a nice variety!


How about you?  Have any flowering trees in your lawn?  They make for some pretty spring color!

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