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About four years ago, we purchased a smoker from a catering company.  Along with that catering company, came some of the jobs they had previously serviced.  Since they were farmers, it was natural that many of the catering jobs had to do with farming.  Pork Producers, Cattlemen, etc.  We have continued to provide catering over the last four years to these jobs.

They are something out of routine.  We get a kick out of our set ups as they are far less “fancy” than what we’re used to working at the golf course.  We’ve done an Iowa State tailgate.

59359_1469275184373_7331624_nThis was our first off the premise catering job.  Theresa and I were in charge.  This meant there was a lot of laughter.  Especially when I accidentally stuck my head in the butter while we were cleaning up.  My hair clung to the side of my head until I got home.  Here’s a bad picture of the plate of melted butter where I inadvertently laid my head.  I’ll do anything for a laugh.  Sorry for the bad picture.  I dug this up from four years ago.  The technology back then was really bad.


My mom has always told me that I was her most classy daughter.

We have also been to the Iowa State Fairgrounds many years now feeding the Black Angus farmers.  After their show, they come back to the Gammon Barn and eat, well, beef.  Seems logical, right?


I have never had the privilege of attending this catering event.  The very first time we did it, I had to send my intern because I was running a wedding reception back at the golf course.  He texted me a picture of the set up.  We had pretty white linens and skirting in among the cow barns complete with manure nearby.

The last few years, we’ve served food in the Gammon Barn.


Rick is our resident smoker.  Seriously, he’s positively amazing!


It requires many utensils and planning when you are serving a meal off site.


The farmers were treated to corn on the cob which we grilled on the smoker, plus brisket and many delicious sides.  They ate like royalty.


It’s a really fun event.  We enjoy serving these men and women who work so hard to keep quality food on our tables.

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