Sold! To the Man in the Back!

When we first started doing events about 6 years ago, we were really surprised at all the different types of events there are out there in the world.  Our most unusual, to us, event request is auctions.  They are also our favorite as we think it is fun and exciting to hear them rattle off the numbers.

IMG_7150Farmers National Company came out to our place to host an auction for land that they were selling down the street from our property.

IMG_7157They set up in our Golfer’s Lounge with seating for about 30 – 40 people.  We saw some of our neighbors who attended the auction out of curiosity as to who would be purchasing this farmland.


We are host to about 5 auctions a year.  Each one is run by different auction company from around the area.  It’s a fascinating business if you ask me.  They get hired to sell land or estates.  Mostly we are host to auctions for land.  There have been several here that the product wasn’t purchased because it didn’t meet the low bid requirement.

IMG_7154How about you?  Have you ever purchased anything at an auction?


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