Staining. The Story Begins.

As we mentioned in the posts here and here, we have lots of staining projects up our sleeve for the coming year.  Unfortunately, the weather hasn’t been cooperating for us to get our stain on with these outside projects.  That’s when we decided that if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!  That’s right.  We decided to stain some of our projects inside!


Kim got our inside tables covered and ready for the staining fun to begin.  First order of business was to get that lid off of the massive five gallon bucket of stain!


Curiosity got the best of you?  Ok.  We’ll spill the beans.  Kim is busy staining a new project that our outside boys put together.  They were busy building us three directional signs to put up around the clubhouse.  These signs are free standing and will help guests and golfers find their way around our place.

IMG_4399Here is the stack of wood that she stained yesterday when it was 30 degrees and raining outside.  These will make up the legs for the stand as well as the boards that will eventually get painted with the directions on them.

IMG_4400In order to make these very versatile, we also had slats made where the boards could easily slide in and out.  This would make it, so that we could easily change out the signs depending on if they are directing a golf outing, wedding, graduation open house, etc.

IMG_4410Kim had to stain about 50 of these little guys, so fun was definitely had by all!


Next step in the project will be to paint the directional words on the signs.  We plan to have things like ceremony, golf outing, golfer check in, photobooth, etc.  They should come in very handy to guests and golfers as they come up to the clubhouse!


How about you?  Been building any directional signs around your house?

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