Sunny Days. Sweeping the Clouds Away.

My maiden name is Brady.  Our family of Bradys have owned the farmland that makes up the golf course since the fifties.  Originally, my grandpa’s sister, Dessie Sorensen and her husband, John, lived in the farmhouse at the top of the hill.  When she and her husband built a house nearby, Grandpa leased the land to the Dickey family.  It was a dairy farm and then later became the testing ground for Grandpa’s farm implement business, Brady Manufacturing.

In keeping with honoring all things Brady to celebrate our 40 years in business, Theresa decided we needed to have a street sign in the hallway of our clubhouse.


When I was growing up, the Brady Bunch was a pretty popular TV show.  I never minded likening our family to the Brady Bunch, however, when we got compared to the Brady family on Days of our Lives, then we had some issues.


Theresa spent most of the day perfecting her street post.  We enjoyed all the golfers comments as they walked into the clubhouse.  They are always entertaining.  She laughed at me because I couldn’t stop whistling the Sesame Street theme song every time I walked by the sign.

This hallway contains much of our golf course’s history, including pictures of my Grandpa, Dale, with the banker who helped finance the original golf course back in 1973.  You can also find a picture of my Grandpa with this three sons and an article from the 70’s  about how the Brady women have played a roll in running the family business.

Project complete.


How about you?  Does your family have a soap opera name?  Do you watch Days of our Lives?  I did in college.  Those were the good ole’ days in the sorority house watching soaps and skipping class.  It’s a wonder I ever graduated.

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