Table Decor Through Kerry’s Eyes

I tend to forget what I’m doing.  I walk into a room and forget why I’m there.  Since I’m still in my 30’s I’m going to blame it on being a busy person.  I tap my head a few times and then it usually comes back to me.  If that doesn’t work, then I go back to what I was doing and it will eventually kick in.  Otherwise, it obviously wasn’t important.

Often times, I’m off being the Wizard of Fun and forget to actually take a breath and look at the fun that has been created.  Luckily, I have a staff member, Kerry, who is our resident baker and cake decorator.  She nearly always takes about ten minutes before we launch an event to sneak in and take a few pictures.

I thought I’d be fun to share a year’s worth of table decorations that she captured last year.

Here were centerpieces that a mom and daughter created using coffee filters.  Some of them were dyed with food coloring while others were tea stained.  It was a lovely presentation.


This was one of my favorite weddings last year.  It had simple decorations, but they made a great impact!


Here’s a full room shot!


These were vases and pumpkins that were spray painted gold and filled with inexpensive flowers.


These were wine bottles that were collected from a local redemption center and spray painted with colors.  They also taped off areas to create a striping on some of the bottles.  Then, they were filled with silk flowers.10412123_841174132576774_853134818_o

This fall wedding had huge floral arrangements that used a pumpkin as its vase.  They were stunning!


Here’s another look!


I’m not sure the ceremony site has ever looked more lovely than it did with this fall wedding!


This was a beautiful spring wedding with many white tulips!


It had a fun and bright feel to it.  The runners were made from wrapping paper.  Clever!


Here was a golf outing that got in on the festive spirit and decorated the room with fake grasses and flags.


Here was a wedding that had an earthy feel to it.  Very simple and elegant.


Every table was a little different, but had the overall color scheme and theme to it.10606078_898239653536888_6057093325466285868_n

I loved this wedding!  The bride spoke several languages and traveled all over the world for her job.  The groom was extremely intelligent.  They were a very fun couple and their decorations were perfect for them!  She had taken a regular house plant and cut them weeks prior, so they would continue to grow in these beautiful blue wine glasses.  It was a lovely centerpiece!


They also had some simple baby’s breath to complete the look.


I love it when couples use tall centerpieces.  It always looks so classy!


We LOVED this graduation open house’s centerpieces!  This young man played many sports, so each table was decorated with a different sport he played.


We even had a few weddings in December which used a holiday theme.


They were very clever in their decorating.  The bride had desperately wanted to have snow on the ground.  It was looking pretty likely because we got snow early around Thanksgiving time.  Then, it warmed up the week of her wedding and all of the snow melted and she ended with a nearly 60 degree December day!  Gotta love Iowa weather!


We also had many holiday parties which kept a more simple approach to decorating.


If that doesn’t get your creative juices flowing, then you’re either asleep or like my husband and don’t honestly care.  You’re waiting for the post about the food.

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