Tadpole Tournament

A few weeks ago, we ended our month long session with our junior golfers.  Having three kids, I fully understand the importance of a trophy.


It always seemed like the first trophy my children received was something to treasure.  If I recall correctly, I think they even slept with them.  My kids are kind of weird, though.  I can remember my oldest son sleeping with his first fishing pole (No.  We had not attached the hook to it.)

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend this evening, but I did get all of the trophies set up.


The golfers took their turns out on the golf course.  The weather was a little questionable, but my staff made the best of it.


I always figure these kids will be absolute rock stars on the golf course because they are un-phased when they hit the ball with many onlookers.  As always, they had a great time!


A nice picture also calls for a goofy picture.


Congratulations to all of our junior golfers!  We had tons of fun!


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