Tarps are Crowned King

If you want to see Jason and Ron dance around like giddy school girls, then you need to come out and watch them when they uncover the tarps that help to grow in the seed.  Last week, we had reseeded number three tee box.  The cool temperatures this spring were making it hard to grow the tee box in from last year’s drought.


After just one week, the tee box had filled in with nice thick grass.


What?  Can you believe it?  Here’s another side by side shot of this amazing transformation!


The grass had gotten so tall in that short amount of time, that it was starting to get some disease.  Before, the disease could officially set in, the tarps needed to be removed.  See those little cobwebs in among the grass?  That is Pythium which isn’t good for grass.  As in, it kills it.  Pythium sets in when ground temperatures get too hot and the soil is too moist.


Once the tarps were removed, we could see just how tall the grass was in comparison.


What a difference a week can make in growth!


Before we could mow the grass to our standard tee box height, we needed to cut it to rough height first, so the grass didn’t go into too much shock.  Kind of like a girl at the hair salon.  When she goes in to ask for a trim and the stylist cuts off eight inches of hair.  The girl walks out in tears.  Yeah.  That’s what grass does when you cut it too short.  It starts crying and doesn’t grow or cooperate.


Ron was a grass cutting machine.  He will leave this tee box at rough height for about a week to let it acclimate before cutting it to the normal tee box height.


That tarped spot on the front of the green on number three filled in nicely, too.  Here’s the before shot.


Here she is only one week later.  Yep.  Looks like the trees had a big week enjoying the warmer temperatures, too.


How about you?  Are you having any luck growing grass this spring?  It sure has given us a bunch of crazy weather, huh?

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