Grass Seed is King this Spring

We have been seeding this spring.  My husband, Kelly, always likes to comfort me by telling me that the seed only costs about $1 per pound.  The trouble with that?  We order about 5,000 pounds of seed.IMG_4001

We use a rye/bluegrass mix.  The rye grass germinates quickly, while the bluegrass is a more hardy grass.IMG_3998The seed gets puts into the bin of the seeder.  It drops down through these shoots at the bottom of the bin.

IMG_3996The seeder has wheels that cut slits in the ground.


Then the seed is dropped inside the ground.


The soil is roughed up a little and lines are formed where grass will germinate.  It is always exciting to see the little lines of grass coming up on the golf course.  The nice part about having a seeder is that the seed is placed in the ground, so it is less susceptible to being washed away by the rain.
IMG_4004How about you?  Have you been doing any seeding in your lawn this year?

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