The gods Must be Crazy!

Remember that movie?  When the airline pilot dropped a Coke bottle out of the window of his airplane into a third world country.  The tribe’s leader decided that the bottle had caused great harm and he set off to to throw the bottle off the edge of the earth.

We think that someone must have dropped a Coke bottle onto the golf course because in the last week, it seems everything we owned broke down.  In fact, I caught Doug saying a quick prayer to his mower hoping it would stay running for the entire 18 holes.  The prayers were needed because the old girl was our third back up greens mower.  That’s right.  We had gone through three greens mower on this particular morning. (He’s actually fixing the reels, but I told him that he looked like he was praying).


Come on, old girl! You can do it!

On top of that, we set a record for irrigation breaks in one night.  Seven.  Up until this week, we had only had three other leaks all year.  What was it?  A full moon?  Did a black cat cross our path?

As with most things, we just put our noses to the grindstone and got the work done and did our best to make the best of it.  Seven irrigation leaks means seven big holes were dug.

IMG_9094[1]In case a golfer didn’t notice the massive hole in the middle of number one fairway, we also marked it with an orange cone.  This crazy leak was so horrible that we had to pump mass amounts of water out of the hole before we could fix it.

IMG_9090[1]Jason and Jordan were on hole digging duty for the day.  It’s everyone’s favorite job.  The outside staff draws straws in the morning to see who will get the honor.  They need to make a sarcasm font.


When it comes down to it, no matter the age, mud is always fun.


Another hole was calling their name.  When we fix an irrigation leak, we have to drain the irrigation system.  There are many shut off valves on the golf course, so we can section it off.  Since there were so many leaks, we drained the entire system, so we could fix them all in one day.  It is so hot right now that we don’t want to go one day without watering the course.


Once a hole was dug, Jason and Jordan moved on to their next hole.


Each leak varied in its cause.  Most of them are caused because of the freeze/drought/thaw/flood situation that we have experienced in the last few years.  Once the hole has been dug, then the problem area is removed.

IMG_9112[1]If it wasn’t leaking before, then it certainly was after we cut it open!

IMG_9115[1]By the end of the morning, the hole digging action began looking more like this.  Poor Jordan.  He really needs to learn not to make a pillow out of sod.

IMG_9116[1]After a morning worth of work, we had all properly working mowers and all our leaks had been fixed.  That’s right.  We had made it to the edge of the earth and had dumped that Coke bottle.

How about you?  Did you ever watch The gods Must Be Crazy?  If you haven’t, you should watch it with my dad.  His laugh makes everything more funny.

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