The Golfer’s Lounge New Digs

In this post, I mentioned that we had some cabinets that needed to be installed in the Golfer’s Lounge.  The Golfer’s Lounge is a building that stands alone just south of our main clubhouse.   It was built as a screened in porch about twenty-five years ago.  In the last several years, this building has done a pretty drastic transformation.  It didn’t take long before the screened in porch was pretty hot once many golfers were inside.  Since this room was primarily used for golf outings, we decided, about twenty years ago, to replace the screens with windows and installed air conditioning.  About ten years ago, we upgraded the inside, adding carpeting, walls and upgraded windows.  At the time, we weren’t entirely sure how we would use it because we had a new Events Center and most of our golf outings were held in the new room.

After five years, we now see all the many ways this building is used.  We host graduation open houses, rehearsal dinners, birthday parties, anniversaries, reunions, you name it, we host it and the building has continued to see its use grow more and more.

We’re pretty excited about this upgrade because it means our staff won’t have to haul as much as they currently do when setting up for an event.  There is plenty of storage!

Kim and I had carried all of these cabinets into this building and placed them in the general configuration of how I’d like them to go.

IMG_7839Then, I made a to do list and left to go to the golf conference.  My lists are infamous around here.

When I got back, my carpenter had been busy!


I had made mention in my notes that I’d like the fridge to be enclosed.  Hi Ben!


What’s he doing?  He’s making me a fabulous enclosed area for my fridge including a space above where I can store product!  Now you see it.


Now you don’t!

IMG_7896When I got back into town, I couldn’t wait to come see what they had accomplished!  The only thing they needed to finish was adding countertops.  My carpenter was unsure what I’d like.  I told him to pick out something pretty, but overall, I trusted his judgement.

I think he did a great job!  Don’t you?


He even made a serving center for drinks!


Here’s a shot of the fridge in its new cubby.


I’ve been thinking about painting the wall hiding the fridge in chalkboard paint, so people can use it to greet their guests to this space with a clever design.  We’ll have to wait and see where we end up!  Now that I’m back in town, there’s a paint brush in my hand and I’m ready to get to work!

How about you?  Are you knocking things off your to do list while you’ve been stuck inside this winter?  I must admit, it feels great to put a big line through the project marking it D-O-N-E.

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