The Thrill of Rain

In reality, golf courses are kind of like farmers.  We complain when it rains and we complain when it doesn’t.  Our business is highly dependent on the weather.  Sometimes, we want to punch the weather forecaster when he predicts rain and it turns out to be a perfectly nice day.  Last year, we ran out of water, so we try really hard not to complain about the bountiful rain that we have had this year.  Ultimately, this spring has been very interesting in trying to find a good time to mow.  It is usually too wet.  When it isn’t too wet, it is dark, or the golf course is filled with golfers.

This has led to quite a bit of night mowing.  Luckily we have headlights on our mowers.  Since we are constantly working on the timing of thunderstorms, our staff must press the envelope when the skies threaten.

IMG_6011It appeared that we would have about three hours before the storm would hit, so the outside staff was buzzing and pressing to get all their mowing done as the weekend was approaching and we only mow greens on the weekends.



It is always thrilling to see just how many more stripes you can mow into a fairway.  Just how many more tees can we fertilize before the rains stops our work?

On this day, we needed to get our two newly grown in tee boxes fertilized, so they continue to grow and fill in with thicker and more sustainable grass.  Ron was busy getting number nine tee fertilized.

IMG_5966We have a large broadcaster spreader called a Lely.

IMG_5980While he was out, he stopped to give some direction to his workers on the course.



The course was buzzing with activity trying to get as much done as possible before the looming storm.

IMG_6018The rough was getting its last pass through before the weekend.  Fairways were getting mowed.  Tees fertilized.  All hands were on deck.

IMG_5967The best part is that even when bad weather is on the horizon, there is still so much beauty on the golf course.  All of our wild cherry trees were in bloom.  A sight that only last a few days.

IMG_5956How about you?  Do you press your luck with the storms or do you hide out in your house?







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